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I'm Kiara Sada. I hold a few titles, but to me, that isn't what is most important. Anyone can have a certain set of skills, however, you can't teach character and that's where my story comes in.

I grew up in the hood, Saginaw, MI to be exact. The only expectations my parents ever had for me was to get out of the hood and stay out.

Well, upon leaving the hood I soon realized that there was more sowing to do, more growing to be done. Yet, the issue was, I had outgrew my map and found myself at a crossroads...

The thing is, what do you do when you've journeyed further than everyone around you? I mean, sis, what do you do when the soil you are rooted in no longer provides the needed nutrients for your own personal growth? 

Well, the answer is you bloom from within and flourish outwardly, like only you know you can! You become curious about all of the limitations and fears you've fed yourself, and you push beyond and explore them. Baring new leafs, expounding on what was actually ...always there. 

As for me, well, I've finally become acquainted with my earth, the world from my point of view.  Pop in a pair of earphones and journey with me.

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This podcast is the self-help book, best friend, and Grandma every (especially black) girl needs all rolled into one easy to swallow multivitamin.
— Peal R., New York
I appreciate all the gems you share with us. They have played a major role in my journey to self-love and getting to know myself. I enjoy tuning into your podcast.
— Busie G., South Africa
Your words of encouragement help me continue on this journey and persevere!
— Nancy P., Texas
Lately the gem i’ve applied from the podcast is community over competition, one i will never forget. Collaborating with phenomenal women, one in which lead us to hosting an international wellness retreat. Thanks for the brave work that you do, Sis.
— Jazzie M., Mexico
Kiara has so much useful insight! I always leave gaining some type of inspiration or encouragement. I can always go to Kiara and find numerous amounts of insight that I can apply to my life seamlessly.
— Tovana T., Oklahoma